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The modification instruction of checking logic of Business Administration Number (BAN)

1. BAN is used for Profit-seeking Enterprises and Withholding Agencies. The number of vacant BAN is estimated to run out in 2024.

2.In order to expand the BAN and make it compatible with the current distribution BAN (using the same format for the new and old BAN), public and private sectors were consulted to cooperate with the modification of the BAN check program, which is mainly changed from‘Checking logic can be divided by“10”’to‘Checking logic can be divided by“5”.’

3.National public and private departments using BAN check program should complete the BAN check program modification operation before March 31, 2023. Please also check with related system documents.

4.It is estimated that after April 2023, new BAN will be issued depending on the remaining number of old BAN.

Release date:2022-11-22 Last updated:2022-11-22