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Organization & Functions

Organizations and Functions of the Fiscal Information Agency

The FIA is constituted according to ‘The Statute Governing the Organization of the FIA’ as follows: there are a Director-General, two Deputy Director-Generals, and a Chief Secretary, six Divisions, and separate Offices for Secretariat, Accounting, Personnel, and Civil Service Ethics.

The Fiscal Information Agency is responsible for the following functions:
(1) The overall planning of the information system of the Ministry of Finance.
(2) The planning of the information system, examination of facilities, investigation of operations, and evaluation of the performance of all departments and organizations under the Ministry of Finance.
(3) The overall planning of financial data management, system design, procedural handbooks, review of regulations and training in them, and assistance, supervision, and control of operations.
(4) The general management of financial data.
(5) The handling of other financial data-related issues.

Organization of the Fiscal Information Agency:
organization chart


Release date:2012-05-29

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