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Website Open Information Announcement

Fiscal Information Agency,Ministry of Finance Website Open Information Announcement

Last updated: August 31, 2015

  1. Authorization Method & Scope
    In order to facilitate the public to better utilize the website information, all of Fiscal Information Agency,Ministry of Finance’s publicly posted information and materials that are protected under copyright provisions may be reauthorized for public use without cost in a non-exclusive manner. The users are not limited to time and by region to reproduce, adapt, edit, publicly transmit or utilize with other methods, and as well as to develop various products or services (herein known as derivations). This authorization will not be retracted hereafter, and the users do not have to acquire any written or other methods of authorization from the Administration. However, when using it, the user should state the source.
  1. Information on Related Items:
    1. The authorized scope is only within the scope protected under copyright. It does not include other intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the provision of patents, trademarks and administration’s logo.
    2. Whether or not the said person’s actively publicized or legally required publicized personal information can be collected, processed or utilized, the user must follow the related provisions based on the Personal Information Protection Act, and plan to execute the related measures required by law.
    3. For some videos, photos, sheet music and contracted case writings or other works, the administration must especially state that the approval must be duly obtained before use.
  2. Should be prudential not to infringe upon a third party in moral rights in copyrights (including the rights to identify names and the rights to ban unjustifiable change.)
  3. After using the information and material provided by this authorization, one should not maliciously alter its related information. If edited and the reworked information does not match the original, the user is liable for civil and criminal legal responsibilities.
  4. The website’s authorization does not authorize the user to represent the administration’s recommendation, approval or agreement with the status of the added derivatives.

Accounting for addition interest, Belated Surcharge, Belated Interest, latest interest rate file and programs

The WINDOWS and DOS versions are no longer maintained. Please use the JAVA version.


Ⅰ. Development unit: Fiscal Information Agency, Ministry of Finance

Ⅱ. Applicable unit: Tax collection offices

. Purpose of the operation:

For taxpayers who have paid overdue payment dates, each tax collection institution must comply with the Tax Collection Act , various tax laws and Statute for Collection of Community Development Fees by Construction Projects etc...levy for addition interest, Belated Surcharge and Belated Interest. In order to save the operation manpower of each tax collection office, develop this accounting procedure to provide the relevant unit to use.

. The version description of JAVA:

1. Only version that can run in JAVA 1.6 or above.

2. Directly download and run the latest version of JAVA.

3. If the program is modified in the future. Please just download and cover it directly.

. Holiday and Interest Rate Statement

1. Although the interest rate of the Postal Savings and Remittance Bureau changes, if the fixed interest rate for a one-year term time deposit of the postal savings is inconvenient, the interest rate file still not need to be updated. For example: The post office interest rate changed on June 29 1999, the fixed interest rate for a one-year term time deposit of the postal savings remains 5%, so the interest rate does not have to be updated.

2. The standards of set

(1) The interest rate before Jun. 1 1990 is based on the fixed interest rate for a one-year term time deposit of the postal savings of Jun. 1 each year of the Central Bank.

(2)The interest rate from Jun. 1 1990 is based on the fixed interest rate for a one-year term time deposit of the postal savings of the Postal Savings and Remittance Bureau of the Communications.

3. When the interest rate is adjusted or even in the holiday, the FIA will cooperate to updated the interest rate file information and upload the updated file on the internet. Please just download and cover it directly.


Release date:2015-08-31 Last updated:2020-03-23