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 The FIA is mainly responsible for coordinating the information business planning and management of the MOF and its subordinate agencies, as well as information security planning and assessment, information operation plans, and equipment and budgets review of the agencies under the MOF. In order to achieve the MOF’s vision of “financial support for construction and construction to cultivate finance”, the FIA strives to achieve “integrating information resources and enhancing e-efficiency”. The FIA helps the MOF and its subordinate agencies make full use of information technology to improve the administrative efficiency and service quality of core work through e-commerce.
 In line with the Executive Yuan Smart Government’s vision of “convenience, efficiency, and uninterrupted service”, and to promote the innovative service strategy of “full-time mobile online application”, the FIA has planned to improve the service of the eTax Portal to achieve full-time mobile online service. The goal is to meet the needs of the mobile era and browsing convenience of mobile devices, strengthen network and mobile services, and greatly improve the service quality of the portal website. In recent years, the FIA has also continuously promoted multi-certified tax declaration services. From the promotion of the physical certification of health insurance cards to the non-physical certification of Taiwan’s mobile identification, all rely on the continuous transformation of the tax information system platform. In addition, the FIA is also actively cultivating innovative technology and cross-disciplinary talents, strengthening the AI analysis capabilities of colleagues, and using intelligent services to improve service experience and decision-making efficiency by introducing new technologies, such as introducing big data analysis and AI technology to build massive analytics, create value-added benefits of financial data and strengthen decision-making efficiency, so that policy formulation can more accurately grasp the benefits and improve service quality. Through the introduction of a shared administrative information system, the development of national tax and local tax documents and office automation systems reduces the maintenance and operation costs of the overall tax information system and improves administrative efficiency.
 The FIA adheres to the concept of people-oriented, government integration and data sharing, and leads the inter-ministerial cooperation of the central government. Since 2017, one-stop service for real estate transfer has integrated 22 local cities taxation and land administration departments. The service won the 4th Government Service Award Digital Innovation and Value-added Award. In the future, the FIA will continue to introduce more new information and communication technologies, optimize the taxation information system, and develop intelligent services, hoping to achieve a stable core system, support dynamic allocation, create smart services, and use cross-domain resources. 

Release date:2013-01-02 Last updated:2022-06-13