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 The Financial and Taxation Data Processing and Examination Center was founded jointly by the Taxation Reform Commission, Executive Yuan and the Ministry of Finance in 1968 to establish a national fair and justifiable taxation system and to reform taxation administration. It was integrated under the Ministry of Finance in 1970; then later renamed as “The Financial Data Center” in 1987; and renamed as the “Fiscal Information Agency” in 2013.
 In the past, the taxpayer in Taiwan has to prepare sizable tax declaration information in the form of hard copies. To simplify the complex and voluminous tax processing procedure, the Financial Data Center has started to implement the Taxation Information System Transformation Project to improve and reengineer the current taxation processes.
 To facilitate the provision of a user-friendly tax payment service for the taxpayer. The Ministry of Finance has established the tax cloud computing service, and the service includes two major parts: the integrated taxation systems and the E-Invoice Service Platform.
 With the launch of computerized information processing, tax declarations can now be processed online with electronic tax deduction documents. And the taxpayer can readily access taxation information which is stored in the cloud and file tax online. Furthermore, the FIA gives fresh impetus to the activation of the pre-calculation service of individual income tax in year 2011.
 Besides, in line with the booming of e-commerce, the FIA has provided an integrated electronic invoice service platform by placing invoice information in the cloud to be integrated into a respective personal database via citizen digital certification.
 We consume about 8 billion paper invoices every year which is equivalent to 80,000 trees being felled and 3,200 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. The primary purpose of the e-invoice is to reduce the carbon footprint, save energy and protect the environment through the reduction of paper usage, and the secondary is to enhance business competitiveness.
 Currently, the FIA has a staff of approximately 400 employees. With the devoted efforts of its directors and all colleagues for more than 43 years, the FIA has achieved remarkable achievements.
 In line with the government organization reform, while continuing with its endeavor in four measures as follows: Improving service quality, service innovation, adopting cutting-edge technology, and resource integration, the taxation information system will be kept transforming and integrating in order to provide a high-quality e-government service for the public
Release date:2013-01-02