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Automatic tax payment service



Promoting an electronic government, improving convenience services and relieving taxpayers of the trouble of waiting to pay taxes. The installation of ATMs is widespread, providing people with tax payment services 24 hours.

Transfer tax payment items

  • House tax (payment period in May each year)

  • Land value tax (payment period in November each year)

  • Vehicle License Tax (private vehicles in April each year, business vehicles in April and October each year)

  • For-profit income tax provisional self-payment (payment period in September each year)

  • Self-payment of income tax settlement declaration for profit-making enterprises (payment period in May each year)

  • Annual Income Tax Return (Individual Income Tax) (payment period in May each year)


Accepting financial institution

  1. All ATMs with the tax payment transfer label can handle tax payment and can pay taxes across banks.

  2. Currently, there are 49 participating financial institutions and 370 financial institutions.

  3. The Nannong center has 135 member units, the Nanzong center has 13 member units, and the agricultural financial center has 176 Member units.

Input Data

  1. Report self-payment cases according to the instructions on the ATM screen.

  2. If you have a tax bill, please read the tax payment instructions on the [Tax Form ] . The tax bill and bank financial card (not limited to my personal financial card) can be used to pay taxes before the deadline of the tax period.

  3. Enter the four types of information, including the payment type, cancellation account number, payment amount, and payment period, as set out in the [Tax Form].

  4. Confirm that the information entered is correct.

  5. After completing the above procedures, the ATM will print the transaction details.

  6. Check the detailed statement for the message of successful deduction, if successful, it means that the tax payment has been completed, and the transaction detailed statement needs to be carefully stored.

  7. If the operation or input data is wrong, follow the instructions on the screen to process again.

  8. If it is another unsuccessful transfer message, you need to check at the counter of the financial institution.


Other considerations

  1. [Tax bill ] This service can only be applied to those who have printed the four input data of tax payment by ATM transfer.

  2. The tax payment deadline for transfers ends at 24:00 on the day of the end of the tax period.

  3. Cases of short payment, overpayment, installment payment, and overdue (delayed) payment will not be accepted.

  4. Taxpayers can contact the card-issuing bank if they have doubts about the completion of the transaction.

  5. If the taxpayer pays repeatedly, the affiliated auditing agency will take the initiative to handle the tax refund after checking.

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Release date:2021-11-03 Last updated:2024-01-29