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Total amount of money for cloud invoice and printed certification copy prize for July to August 2021 exceeds NT$2.16 billion

        The winning number for the July to August 2021 uniform invoice special prize is 52604932. According to figures, 94 lucky prize winners were drawn for this period’s electronic invoice, who received a total of more than NT$195 million across 4 different prize categories: special prize, grand prize, first prize, and the million-dollar prize of cloud invoice award. The total cash awards for the second prize to the sixth prize come to over NT$1.96 billion. Out of 94 winners in total, 59 winners used a carrier to store the cloud invoice. A breakdown of prizewinners by carrier types are presented in the following table.

Type of carrier mobile barcode membership card E-commerce carrier electronic tickets Citizen Digital Certificate utilities platform
Number of prizewinners in cloud invoice 17 21 2 3 1 15

        “Mobile Barcode”, one kind of common carriers, can be used to connect different types of carriers to it. Those who complete the carrier binding process of mobile barcode can manage their own carriers and cloud invoices. After completing setup of the account on the MOF E-Invoice Platform website for claiming the cash awards, the cash awards will be remitted to the designated account automatically which can help the prizewinners save time and 0.4% stamp tax. For those who did not complete the setup and did not print out the printed certification copy after prize drawing, the function “I want to redeem” in the redemption APP may be used to redeem the cash awards.

        To help the public store and manage telecom cloud invoices more conveniently, the MOF cooperates with the top 5 telecom companies to provide the mechanism of billing that issues and stores invoices in consumers’ mobile barcode so that consumers no longer have to manually select “Carrier binding” of telecom bills.

        To encourage the public to use carriers to store cloud invoices as a habit in everyday life, thus increasing the usage rate of cloud invoice and achieving the goal of paperless policy, the MOF will hold an event “Storing cloud invoices makes the earth better” (https://www.einvoice178.nat.gov.tw) from August 1 to October 31, 2021. Everyone with a mobile barcode can join this event and win prizes.

        For more information about the redemption APP, please call the 24-hour hotline 4128282 (add area code 02 when using cell phone). For detailed information pertaining to electronic invoice, please visit the MOF E-Invoice Platform website (https://einvoice.nat.gov.tw/) or dial the 24-hour service hotline 0800-521-988.


Press Release Contact: Mr. Chao, Section Chief
Phone: 02-2763-1233

Release date:2021-10-05 Last updated:2021-10-05